A B.S. degree in computer science and economics from Carnegie Mellon. A seven-year career in enterprise software. They’re not the typical steps for opening a wedding planning boutique. But in hindsight, Savour Weddings owner Talida Chen’s unique background in problem solving, process, and user experience prepared the way for a special kind of company.

New York City-based Savour Weddings is dedicated to helping clients create the ultimate guest experience. At the end of the night, we want your guests to feel like they just left the dinner party of the year. This vision is coupled with a relentless spirit of southern hospitality inspired by Talida’s Texas roots.

Your wedding day is not just the union of two people, but also a joining of families, friends, journeys, and life experiences. That’s why we believe it’s so important to honor your guests. After all, they too are being celebrated on that special day.